Enterprise for Escaroo is Live

2 min readOct 6, 2020


It feels like a long time since we started on the Escaroo journey, and it has been an amazing process. We want to thank everyone who has come along for the ride.

After receiving feedback from our clients, we recognised the need to build a simpler, more useable system, without compromising the safety and security features of version 1.0

We listened to your feedback, and are proud to announce our newly designed escrow system called Enterprise.

Our Escaroo patent-pending technology is still the backbone of the new system, allowing you to keep full control over your escrow payments. However, we felt the need to improve the user experience while adding in additional features.

Enterprise has a powerful new set of tools for blockchain-based escrow payments, which will benefit all of our users, Individuals and businesses alike. We have also tried to give more instructions, while making the whole process more user friendly.

Whether you are an individual, an eCommerce shop, or a Business broker, the new Enterprise system will speed up the transaction process whilst keeping your deals safe and secure.

Our goal is to give you or your clients the tools needed to buy and sell anything using cryptocurrency.

Individuals, you can use the Escaroo system to trade globally, knowing your funds are fully secure.

Businesses, you can now speed up your time to market using our advanced API or White Label options. Build a custom application or use the Escaroo dashboard direct, it is up to you!

Escaroo Enterprise now gives you the tools to power your entire blockchain payment eco-system, including powerful features like:

  • Private Chat
  • Instant Alerts
  • Ratings
  • Internal Bitcoin Wallet with Private Keys
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Tracking Details
  • Customised Commission Rates for Businesses
  • Unique API Keys
  • 15 New Currencies including Tether, Binance & Uniswap
  • And Much More…

Visit the new & improved Escaroo platform here: https://enterprise.escaroo.com