Escaroo App is going Alpha

1 min readMay 7, 2020

We’re going Alpha — Version 1.0 is Live! The Escaroo team is excited to launch our new DeFi style escrow app. This will make our service more accessible than ever before, giving you the ability to buy, sell, spend your crypto quickly and efficiently.

What can you expect from our app?

Fast-track onboarding: Get trading in no longer than 5 minutes with our fast-track transaction process.

Flexible Wallet Connect Options: We have included many wallet connection options in the revised version of the Escaroo app, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, Fortmatic, Torus, Authereum, Burner Connect & more.

Super-easy transactions: We’ve transformed the traditional escrow transaction experience into 3 simple steps to make buying and selling anything super-easy.

Defi Grade Security: We safeguard user funds by never having the ability to access them. We do this by ensuring all transactions take place on a publically decentralized blockchain. We only use proven and trusted wallet connection software, giving you the confidence your transaction and funds will be secure through the entire process.

Outstanding support: We’re dedicated to providing personable customer service and an outstanding level of support that surpasses industry standards.

You can visit the app here: