We’re hiring at Escaroo.com! Escaroo is building a cross-chain DeFi platform that allows users to deploy crypto-based escrow smart-contracts with no code required. We’re looking for a passionate, talented developer interested in building a world-class product.

Job Description

We’re specifically looking for a developer with:

  • Min 3yr experience in a similar Enviorment

It feels like a long time since we started on the Escaroo journey, and it has been an amazing process. We want to thank everyone who has come along for the ride.

After receiving feedback from our clients, we recognised the need to build a simpler, more useable system, without compromising the safety and security features of version 1.0

We listened to your feedback, and are proud to announce our newly designed escrow system called Enterprise.

Our Escaroo patent-pending technology is still the backbone of the new system, allowing you to keep full control over your escrow payments. …

We’re going Alpha — Version 1.0 is Live! The Escaroo team is excited to launch our new DeFi style escrow app. This will make our service more accessible than ever before, giving you the ability to buy, sell, spend your crypto quickly and efficiently.

What can you expect from our app?


Fast-track onboarding: Get trading in no longer than 5 minutes with our fast-track transaction process.

Flexible Wallet Connect Options: We have included many wallet connection options in the revised version of the Escaroo app, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, Fortmatic, Torus, Authereum, Burner Connect & more.

Super-easy transactions…

As the CEO of a tech startup, it is difficult to share my opinions publicly, but in the wake of the COVID-19, Coronavirus outbreak, I find myself torn with what I see happening in the world and feel the need to share my thoughts. I am going to start by saying this is going to be a controversial post. It would be impossible to write about this subject without discussing some sensitive issues.

Because my company is tech-based, I tend to live and breathe tech industry news, often finding myself chest-deep in the latest updates and innovations happening around the…

Escaroo Limited, the blockchain-powered escrow creation platform for cryptocurrency and title transfer, are partnering with Ubitquity LLC. This new partnership will empower clients in the purchasing of high-value items.

Clients will now have the ability to include the extra security a blockchain registered title brings. This innovation can revolutionize the high-value purchase industry and will expand Escaroo’s escrow products to a new level.

This new system is made possible by the use of tokenized property title, recorded to the blockchain, enabling the buyer to purchase with a trust level never before achieved. …

Since announcing this past weekend that the Escaroo platform is open for business, we have had an amazing response. Thanks to all who have signed up!

We are excited about the future and glad you have chosen to come along for the ride!

Several of our users have asked questions regarding the future rollout plan for Bitcoin and other currencies.

This post will attempt to address those questions and share our intended timeline over the next few months.

Because the Escaroo business model is so radically different from just about every other payment system, we thought it would be a…

Yes I said it!

I actually said the one thing any red blooded bitcoin believer hates to hear. We need to stop the HODL mentality in order for bitcoin to truly achieve mass adoption.

If you’re reading this you most likely fall into the “red blooded bitcoin believer” category and actually hold to the HODL mentality yourself.

Hear me out for a moment, don’t run off.

I sympathise with you, believe me I do. I'm a bitcoin believer myself, and am a HODLer as well… at least to some extent. …

… and what we did to try and stop this from happening to others.

Last year my company was helping a client promote their new blockchain based startup. In doing so we needed to hire various service providers to help us along the way. This included a number of article and press release writers, social network promoters and social influencers.

Some of these service providers wanted to be paid in crypto, which made sense considering the space we were working in. The process was always the same, we would agree on the terms of service, set deadlines for completion, and…

Blockchain startup Escaroo are proud to announce that they have filed a patent application with the US & UK Patent Offices, covering the technology behind their revolutionary escrow service.

The move represents a huge step towards making cryptocurrency a commonplace means of exchange for all types of real-world transactions. Using the power of smart contracts, Escaroo delivers a measure of security and confidence that until now was the exclusive domain of fiat currencies.

Escaroo represents a complete rethinking of bitcoin escrow services. Escaroo transactions are governed by smart contracts, which release funds only when all parties are satisfied with the…


The worlds most secure peer-to-peer Bitcoin Escrow Service https://escaroo.com

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